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While the 911 Police Toy Drive began as a holiday outreach that allowed first responders an opportunity to impact the lives of children and youth, other systems are a part of 911 Support.  W makes annual treks in early May to National Police Week in Washington DC to honor and help counsel survivors of law enforcement personnel killed in the line of duty.  He has helped raise funds to erect a number of memorials to Arizona officers who made the ultimate sacrifice. He worked with ADOT and adopted four miles on the Beeline Highway to honor fallen DPS officers. He encourages the community to observe Blue Monday by wearing blue as a salute to all officers currently serving.

Now, 911 Support introduces Comfort  Canines.  So, a little history.  When W’s mother-in-law, Adina (Susie’s mother) was in her later years and often was hospitalized, the one and only thing that cheered her up was a visit from the therapy dogs.  Those wagging tails, handshakes, and huge puppy smiles never failed to elicit joy and memories of loved pets at home or long since passed.

Susie set a goal to one day be the human half of a therapy dog team. Upon her retirement from the Chandler Police Department, she set out to find the perfect four-legged partner. She and W found a medium-sized Goldendoodle with energy and smarts to spare.  Training began, and they were ready to test when Covid rained down upon their plans. Finally, they worked with an Alliance of Therapy Dogs examiner and earned their certificate in the spring of 2023.

Meet Chief

Chief and Susie have visited assisted living and memory care facilities, spent some time with a 96-year-old WWII Navy veteran, and visited the sailors on the USS Stockdale at US Naval Base San Diego just before deployment of the carrier group. They also participate in a brand new Chandler Police Department program, “Paws for Police,” wherein they visit briefings, training sessions, and other units and sections of the PD to give the officers and staff a moment of un-conditional love before heading out into the community. They are also on call for critical inci-dents.

911 Support is so pleased to offer this resource to our law enforcement community as well as to an ailing population longing for just a little K-9 Support!